Drew Barrymore still fears being locked up and losing her job again
Drew Barrymore still fears ‘being locked up’ and ‘losing her job again’

Drew Barrymore admitted that she is still fearful about losing her job and being locked up again, as she reflected back on her rehabilitation journey.

Barrymore, 48, revealed that she cannot escape one lingering thought from her youth.

“I will always have the ‘They’re coming, they’re coming’ mentality,” she revealed while reflecting on her time in rehab.

In her recent interview to the Los Angeles Times, she said “It’s the one thing that, unfortunately, I can’t shake. I’m pretty sure that this will all go away at any moment, I will get locked up again, and I will lose my job.”

For the unversed, the actor was only 13 years old when she was first sent to rehab but she exited the facility two months later against medical advice.

The actress stole her mother’s credit card after getting out from the rehab and went on a drugs abuse, before private agents hired by her mother arrested Barrymore and returned her to the facility.

She has been open about how her sobriety, which has evolved over the years. However after her failed marriage with Will Kopelman that ended in 2016, she again became addicted to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

She admitted the situation became so bad that her therapist made the decision to quit working with her.

“He just said, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’” Barrymore revealed.

“It was really about my drinking. I said, ‘I get it. I’ve never respected you more. You see I’m not getting better. And I hope, one day, that I can earn your trust back.’”

After two years of struggle, Barrymore and her therapist reunited. Now, the actress says she can admit, “I don’t stay stuck.”

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