They have already sold 1.7 million stock pre-orders
They have already sold 1.7 million stock pre-orders

JYP Entertainment announced on March 8th that K-pop group Twice have sold 1.7 million stock pre-orders of their upcoming comeback Ready To Be. This makes it the highest number of stock pre-orders of any of their albums to date.

Besides breaking their own record, they are now the 5th girl group to have ever sold more than 1 million pre-release copies of their album. Above them is their own mini-album BETWEEN 1&2, Blackpink’s The Album as well as Born Pink and Aespa’s Girls.

Ready To Be is set to come out on March 10th and they will be performing their title track Set Me Free for the first time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Additionally, the Empire State Building in New York will light up on the day of the album’s release with the group’s colors. 

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