Prince William was shocked Prince Harry had the audacity to disagree with him during an argument over Meghan Markle.

In a private meeting at Nottingham Cottage, the Prince of Wales turned violent after Harry refused to ‘meekly’ obey him.

Harry pens in memoir ‘Spare’: “Among all the different, riotous emotions coursing through my brother that afternoon, one really jumped out at me. He seemed aggrieved. He seemed put upon that I wasn’t meekly obeying him, that I was being so impertinent as to deny him, or defy him, to refute his knowledge, which came from his trusted aides.” 

He adds: “There was a script here and I had the audacity not to be following it. He was in full Heir mode, and couldn’t fathom why I wasn’t dutifully playing the role of the Spare.”

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