Kapil Sharma talks about Nandita Dass first choice for lead role in Zwigato
Kapil Sharma talks about Nandita Das’s first choice for lead role in Zwigato 

Kapil Sharma has revealed that Nandita Das initially wanted Nawazuddin Siddiqui to play the lead role in Zwigato. Kapil has shed light on how it made him feel like.

Talking about it, Kapil said, “I’ve also been told that Nawaz bhai was Nandita ma’am’s first choice.They had worked together in both her earlier directorials Firaaq and Manto. But this time Nawaaz bhai had some date issues. I am glad. Otherwise I’d have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.”

He further added, “Nawaz bhai in a realistic role is so obvious. Whereas I was unexpected. Log sochte honge Nandita ma’am ko kya ho gaya. Why Kapil? I hope the film will justify my presence.”

Talking about his character in the film, “Playing a delivery boy came very naturally to me. I know this character. I’ve lived life on the fringe, not as a delivery boy. Lekin maine bhi chote chote kaam kiye hain. Before I came to television, I did small jobs. Even the environment in the delivery boy’s house is familiar to me. A large joint family all sleeping in one room. Yeh duniya dekhi hui hai maine.”

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