Prince Harry prepares to launch new attack on King Charles, Camilla, William?

Prince Harry, who is set to give evidence in court next month in his phone hacking case against a British group of newspapers, could reveal some new things about the palace during his historic appearance in the witness box.  

The royal family is nervously bracing for a new round of disclosures by the Duke of Sussex.

“I think the family know he could say anything and no one is looking forward to it. Harry seems to be obsessed by the idea that everyone was in cahoots with the media, so presumably there will be lots more of that,” a friend of Prince William told The Daily Beast.

Meghan’s hubby, who targeted the Prince of Wales in in his memoir, in a recent submission for a separate case against News Group Newspapers (NGN) alleged that his elder brother received a “very large” amount of money as part of a “secret agreement” between the royals and the media group.

A Camilla’s friend told the same outlet that the King and Queen were likely to be further upset if Harry repeats previous allegations or makes new ones in court, they “absolutely accept he has the right to his day in court like any other private citizen.”

To a question about Camilla, the friend said: “I’m sure it won’t be pleasant, but don’t forget, people have said all sorts of horrible things about her over the years and she hasn’t snapped yet. Anyone who knows her knows the idea she would have been encouraging Bolland to sell out Harry to the Mirror is just complete rubbish.”

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