Liam Payne celebrates victory over alcoholism
Liam Payne celebrates victory over alcoholism

Liam Payne is enjoying his sobriety journey as the British singer completed over 100 days without a sip.

Speaking to iFL TV, the Olivia singer revealed he was “really, really good,” adding, “I’m sober now over 100 days. “I feel amazing.”

The 29-year-old also weighed in on his new album, “I’ve been making an album for a change, which is quite fun. It’s been good.”

“So I’m excited to bring it out here and I definitely want to tour this time, which is unusual because I wasn’t sure I was going to tour for a long time. I was kind of over it for a little bit, but I’m really excited to get back out on the road and go and see all the fans,” the singer added.

Earlier, Payne was seen with his ex-One Direction bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, at his All of Those Voices documentary’s U.K. premiere.

“Seeing the world through your eyes last night was the most beautiful thing to experience,” the singer shared his views on Instagram at the time.

“My neck hurts from how much I’m looking up to you right now you were already my friend and brother but getting to look through that window into your world and mind I just extends that respect I have for you. 

What you’ve dealt with and how you held it all inside !! I’m so sorry I was so out of my mind and I didn’t do better for you, I feel ashamed in those moments to not be as good of a friend as you have been to me, at least I have time now and I’m me again so will try and make amends.” 

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