A 12-year-old boy Charlie is seen choking before being rescued by his twin sister Amelia. Screengrab of a YouTube video.
A 12-year-old boy Charlie is seen choking before being rescued by his twin sister Amelia. Screengrab of a YouTube video. 

A remarkable incident unfolded at Leicester Middle School in Massachusetts when a 12-year-old girl named Amelia Loverme sprang into action to save her twin brother, Charlie, who was choking on a piece of mozzarella cheese. 

The entire incident was captured on video that demonstrates how Amelia jumped into action with quick thinking and courage. Charlie, fearing for his life, described the experience as terrifying. Both siblings expressed their hope that this incident will raise awareness among other children about life-saving measures during emergencies.

The video also revealed the shocking reaction of the other students who were present at the cafeteria when Charlie started choking. Many of them appeared frozen in shock, unable to step in and offer assistance. In fact, some even chose to flee the scene and hide. It was Amelia’s instinct that compelled her to take action, despite not knowing exactly what to do. She felt a deep sense of obligation to help her brother, which ultimately saved his life. Amelia acknowledged that her peers were frightened and unsure of how to react in such a critical situation.

What to do if you find someone choking?

In the event that someone is choking and unable to cough, speak, or breathe, The Red Cross has provided essential guidelines on how to potentially save their life. 

When faced with a choking individual, it is important to recognize signs such as clutching at the chest or neck, as well as the inability to speak or breathe. The initial steps involve bending the person forward at the waist and delivering five back blows. 

If the obstruction persists, up to five abdominal thrusts should be administered by holding the person around the waist and pulling inwards and upwards above the belly button. If the choking continues, the Heimlich manoeuvre should be performed by wrapping one’s arms around the person and giving five abdominal thrusts. It is crucial to persevere until the object is expelled. 

In the event that the person becomes unconscious, CPR should be initiated.

The heroic actions of Amelia Loverme in saving her choking twin brother serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of knowing how to respond in emergency situations. By disseminating this incident and the life-saving measures that were employed, the hope is that more individuals, especially children, will be informed and empowered to take action when confronted with similar crises.

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