The U.S. Will Hit Its Debt Limit Today. How Bad Will It Be?

The United States has a cap on the amount of money it can borrow. That means it can run out of cash if the limit isn’t lifted. Source link...

Genesis, a Crypto Lending Firm, Files for Bankruptcy

Genesis was caught in the fallout of the collapse of FTX, the crypto exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried. Source link

Carl Hahn Dies at 96; Made the VW Beetle Ubiquitous

As president of Volkswagen of America, he pushed the “Think Small” ad campaign that helped create a counterculture icon. Source link

Entrepreneurs Flee China’s Heavy Hand: ‘You Don’t Have to Stay There’

Weary of crackdowns and lockdowns, businesspeople are moving out of China and taking their wealth with them. Many have found a new home in Singapore. Source link

It’s Dry January. Pour One Out for the Bar Owners.

Between the “tripledemic,” the economy, holiday fatigue and the temporarily sober, businesses are suffering. Source link

As Deepfakes Flourish, Countries Struggle With Response

Few governments have approved regulations, often because of free-speech concerns. New mandates from China could change the tone of the debate on digital forgeries. Source link

JPMorgan Paid $175 Million for a Business It Now Says Was a Scam

A young founder promised to simplify the college financial aid process. It was a compelling pitch. Especially, as now seems likely, to those with little firsthand knowledge of...

Government to offer £600m for green steel switch

"I think there is a role for government to provide targeted support in the first stages of a completely new technological deployment", said Lord Adair Turner, the chairman...

Media Start-Up Semafor Plans to Buy Out Sam Bankman-Fried’s Investment

Semafor is one of several media companies that received money from Mr. Bankman-Fried or his affiliates before his cryptocurrency company fell apart and he was charged with crimes. Source...

Jeff Bezos Visits The Washington Post as Layoffs Loom

With questions hovering about the financial performance of the news organization, its billionaire owner checked in with senior leaders. Source link