The tech tricks that make computer games look real

Computer games are becoming indistinguishable from photos or videos of the real world. Source link

Firstsource: Job loss fears in Belfast and Londonderry

An MLA says jobs are at risk in Belfast and Londonderry after meeting Firstsource managers. Source link

Movie Theaters Offer Larger Screens, Heated Seats and Sushi to Lure Fans Back

More than three years after the pandemic slammed movie theaters, reducing the flow of new films and keeping patrons away, operators hope a slew of wide releases this...

Government to offer £600m for green steel switch

"I think there is a role for government to provide targeted support in the first stages of a completely new technological deployment", said Lord Adair Turner, the chairman...

How Russia Is Surviving the Tightening Grip on Its Oil Revenue

Restrictions on Russia’s oil trade are raising the stakes in a protracted economic standoff that is reshaping the global energy market. Source link

CBI hires ethics consultancy to overhaul culture

The business lobby group appoints advisors to try to salvage its reputation as police investigate rape claims. Source link

UK steel industry a whisker away from collapse – Unite

Unite has written a letter to the Business Secretary Grant Shapps seeking more government support. Source link

Backup Power: A Growing Need, if You Can Afford It

When frigid weather caused rolling blackouts on Christmas Eve across North Carolina, Eliana and David Mundula quickly grew worried about their 2½-week-old daughter, whom they had brought home...

How taking it slow could help protect our money

A culture of instant buying, paying, and delivery brings convenience but could expose our finances to harm. Source link

Here’s What’s in the Debt Limit Deal

The full legislative text of Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s agreement in principle with President Biden to suspend the nation’s borrowing limit revealed new and important details about the deal,...