Royal Mail workers to strike again on 16 February

Around 115,000 postal workers will walk out for 24 hours in a row over pay and conditions, says the CWU. Source link

A New Area of A.I. Booms, Even Amid the Tech Gloom

An investment frenzy over “generative artificial intelligence” has gripped Silicon Valley, as tools that generate text, images and sounds in response to short prompts seize the imagination. Source link...

Reed Hastings to Become Netflix’s Executive Chairman, Ceding Co-Chief Role

Mr. Hastings will become the streaming giant’s executive chairman. Greg Peters will join Ted Sarandos as a co-chief executive. Source link

Brian Deese, Top Economic Aide to Biden, Will Step Down

Brian Deese, the director of the National Economic Council, played a pivotal role in negotiating economic legislation the president signed in his first two years in office. Source link...

FTC Chair Lina Khan on the Problems with Noncompetes

The chairwoman of the F.T.C. argues in favor of a proposal to eliminate noncompete clauses from employee contracts. Source link

Government to offer £600m for green steel switch

"I think there is a role for government to provide targeted support in the first stages of a completely new technological deployment", said Lord Adair Turner, the chairman...

Ginny Redington Dawes, Composer of Memorable Ad Jingles, Dies at 77

She collaborated on the melodies for signature commercials that sang the praises of McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and other brands. Source link

For British Farmers, the Effects of Brexit Have Become Clearer

In the years since Britain voted to quit the E.U., many Eastern Europeans have left the country, adding to a shortfall of about 330,000 workers. The food and...

After a Burst of New Businesses, a Cooling Economy Intrudes

The pandemic has brought a boom in entrepreneurship, but higher interest rates, a chill in venture capital and fears of recession now pose obstacles. Source link

Should You Quit Your Job?

Jacinda Ardern stepped away from her role because she no longer has “enough in the tank” to do it. If you relate, here’s what to consider. Source link