How a Pre-Wedding Diet Led to an Eating Disorder

One bride talks about how the desire to lose weight quickly spiraled out of control. Source link

WHO recommends not using Indian cough syrups linked to deaths

A Person Holding a Spoon with Cough Syrup.— PexelsIndian cough syrups blamed for deaths of children in Uzbekistan.Products made by India's Marion Biotech "substandard": WHO.India's health ministry suspended...

Conjoined twins separated by Texas doctors after “historic” 11-hour surgery

Conjoined twins separated by Texas doctors after "historic" 11-hour surgery - CBS News ...

Deaths Among Pregnant Women and New Mothers Rose Sharply During Pandemic

The fatalities, occurring disproportionately among Native American and Black women, were linked not just to medical complications but also to homicides and accidents. Source link

Expert Panel Votes for Stricter Rules on Risky Virus Research

The White House will decide whether to adopt the panel’s recommendations on so-called gain of function experiments. Source link

Marriage provides health benefits – and here’s why

Man and Woman Holding Wedding Rings.— PexelsThe new year is traditionally a time when many people feel a renewed commitment to creating healthy habits, such as exercising regularly,...

More gay and bisexual men would be able to donate blood as FDA moves...

The U.S. is moving to ease restrictions on blood donations from gay and bisexual men and other groups that traditionally face higher risks of...

Are Saunas Good for You? What to Know About Health Benefits

Sweating in small hot rooms has been a wellness staple for centuries. But don’t believe everything you hear. Source link

Covid Vaccines Targeting Omicron Should Be Standard, Panel Says

As advisers to the Food and Drug Administration endorsed ending one era of the Covid vaccination campaign, they also grappled with its future. Source link

Anti-polio drive begins across country from today

A boy receives polio vaccine drops during an anti-immunisation campaign in a low-income neighbourhood in Karachi on April 9, 2018. — ReutersOver 100,000 trained and dedicated “Sehat muhafiz”...