GoodRx Leaked User Health Data to Facebook and Google, F.T.C. Says

The popular drug discount app deceptively shared details on users’ illnesses and medicines with ad firms, regulators said in a legal complaint. Source link

Trees could cut urban heatwave mortality by a third: study

An aerial view shows a green patch of Azadirachta Indica trees over a graveyard with the city in the background in Karachi, Pakistan June 6, 2021. — ReutersPARIS:...

Layoff survivor guilt is real for workers who survive layoffs

Mass layoffs like those roiling the tech industry affect more than the people who lose their jobs. Laid-off workers face practical challenges, such as...

To Prevent Cancer, More Women Should Consider Removing Fallopian Tubes, Experts Say

A top research group is urging even women without genetic risks to have their fallopian tubes removed under certain circumstances. Source link

House Votes to End Covid Precautions as G.O.P. Uses Pandemic in Political Attacks

Republicans in Congress are seeking to capitalize on discontent about the federal coronavirus response while the party’s presidential contenders are vying to be the biggest foe of restrictions. Source...

Tiny Love Stories: ‘Want to Come Over?’

Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words. Source link

Deer Could Be a Reservoir of Old Coronavirus Variants, Study Suggests

Even after Delta became the dominant variant in humans, Alpha and Gamma continued to circulate in white-tailed deer, according to new research. Source link

Sitting in traffic can lead to ‘brain damage’

People walking on a block traffic street.— PexelsBreathing in diesel exhaust fumes while stuck in traffic could be extremely harmful to your brain. According to a recent scientific study...

Veterans file 260,000 burn pit claims under new law

Veterans file 260,000 burn pit claims under new law - CBS News ...